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    I’m not sure on how to go about this and havent found much help through google except for a plugin that i cant figure out.

    I have the content hard coded into the sidebar in WP but the client just added another section there and im convinced theyre going to want to edit that portion at some point. I’d really like to figure out how to create a page in WP so they can edit it and have it display in the sidebar. if they screw it up, not my fault.
    does anybody know how to do this? the paragraphs are really short and contain some small images.


    It may be best to use the page meta information in the sidebar. I have done this once. If you know how to, fine, otherwise here is a great tut … debar.html


    thanks, after some research quite a few people want to do this and theres no easy way and it seemingly kind of doesnt work.

    due to the loop, calling it in the sidebar either returns and error or puts your page in the main content area no matter what page you try to go to.
    there was a plugin i found claiming to do what i wanted but it would only work if i wanted to put a post over there, which i needed a page, but even still would return an error. the documentation said it worked for pages but didnt.

    so there’s seemingly no way to do this and im going to have to leave it hard coded in the side.

    ill check that out for my own curiosity but my scoped time is up and it’ll be a while before the client says anything about that or notices for that matter so im going to have to let it go at this point. if they ever even do.

    thanks for digging that up!


    hi, regarding the loop, you can have more than one loop on a page. It requires more coding, but you can still do it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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