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WordPress Custom Write Panels WITH Custom Fields?

  • # March 4, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    I’m sure this is possible, but I am not entirely sure how to integrate these two.

    What I am looking for is to add a custom write panel to the WordPress Interface. For example, I want to add an additional Write Post option that says "Members". Similar to what MagicFields or Flutter can do:

    In that particular write post panel, I want custom write panels that include multiple text boxes with TinyMCE Editors so I can post multiple content areas for each member (say, a Bio and a Company Profile), similiar to what Custom Field Template plugin can do: … -template/

    Neither of these plugins seem to solve both the issue of adding a custom write panel to the WP Admin interface (for ease of use to the user) AND the ability to have multiple content editors on one page (for extended content).

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