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    Hullo everyone

    On my WordPress site I have a variation of custom post types (this is done to make it easier for the client to maintain that stuff): NEWS (every news article is a post) and PRESS RELEASES (every press release is a post). So far so good.

    The issue is that I want to display these two types differently:
    NEWS: show 4 months per page
    PRESS RELEASES: show 3 years per page

    For example, I want this structure for the NEWS articles: (showing dec 2011, jan-mar 2012) (showing aug-dec 2011) (showing apr-jul 2011)

    And this structure for the PRESS RELEASES: (showing 2012-2011-2010) (showing 2009-2008)
    (there is nothing from before that, so I’m wondering if I should just semi-hard code these two pages)

    Now I’ve tried some plugins and they all show all custom posts archives the same way (X amount of POSTS per page). Is there a plugin available that will let me define the archives independently, or at least sorted/divided by month? Or am I forced to go deeper in the code and create some custom queries?


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