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    Steven Morgan

    By default adding custom post types to WordPress, they display under the admin menu.

    I was wondering if there was a way to have the custom post types display under Pages>”PageName”.

    For instance, I have an “Events” custom post type. Instead of that showing on the admin menu, when the client goes to Pages>Events instead of seeing the default editor, they see the custom post types?

    I know it seems a little odd, but when I have multiple custom post types it can confuse clients on whether it’s on the admin menu, or under a page.

    I guess a real workaround would be hiding the “Events” link, and then changing the Page link to go to the custom post type screen.


    So you want, when editing a page, instead of core editor to display list of custom post types you can edit? Or do you want to simply move the custom post type link under Pages, as a sub-directory?

    when I have multiple custom post types it can confuse clients on whether it’s on the admin menu, or under a page

    I think having better naming convention and bit more detailed explanation to a client with PDF they can refer too is much simpler solution, than hacking code.

    From UX perspective, you’re hiding a menu behind couple of clicks now. If I log in and I only need to add one Product, do I just click on Products and add now or go to, Pages >> Products (page) >> Click to add product. Seems more confusing to me.

    Steven Morgan


    I agree that it makes more since to have it on the dashboard menu, however I have had a few clients that it confuses. “If I edit all my pages under the Pages tab, why wouldn’t I also edit my Events Calendar and Products under the same tab”.

    Was just wondering if there was a stable way to accomplish that.


    You need to explain the difference between a Page and Custom Post Type.

    Post types in WP:
    – Post Type: post
    – Post Type: page
    – Post Type: custom post type ex. event

    So newly created Events custom post type is not a “page”. It’s independent, special container for events.

    If you have a Events page (not custom post type) and your clients are getting confused, then explain to them that Events (under Pages) is a landing page, and Events under Admin Bar (custom post types) are for managing individual events.

    Do you hand out any sort of guide to clients? Or maybe video tutorial? Do you demo at least once the site is completed?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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