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    well its really weird here if you see the buttons like (All Bicycles Motorcycles Cars Soccer Monster Truck Vehicle Skating Cricket) they have ROUNDED CORNERS in IE 9 but i am redesigning it in my testing site. But the problem that i am facing is that there i don’t see the ROUNDED CORNERS on the same buttons (All Bicycles Motorcycles Cars Soccer Monster Truck Vehicle Skating Cricket) in IE 9. Here you can see the testing page where i don’t see ROUNDED CORNERS i went through the code again and compared it with actual site code but didn’t reached any conclusions why is this happening.
    Even though i know CSS still i think i am doing some childish mistake :P i would be really thankful for your guidance as its annoying me ^_^.

    Participant — I definitely see the rounded corners there.

    You’re sure you don’t have IE set to IE7 or IE8 browser mode/document mode?


    Well Brother thanks alot for your real check on the thing, other forum people they just come and give lectures on coding without seeing the thing first. I checked it in ietester it was giving the same non rounded corner result as in my windows 7 ie9. Well the strange thing is that when you check it is shown in rounded corners but when you see the betaversion of it, it shows it in non rounded corners to me.

    But when you said that it is rounded for you, then i went to browserlab by adobe and after using it for ie9 i saw in screen shot it was having rounded corners as you mentioned ^_^

    Well it has happened with me before, when i was using lightbox stuff and it was not working for me in ie9 I though i am in deep shit while again it was only for me, i think there is some installation issue with my IE 9 or something else :P
    btw that time a good person like you from romania came to skype and helped me out by telling that it looked fine for him.

    On the foot note:
    Why didn’t i used browserlab by adobe at first instead of teasing everyone, well i actually forgot that i have its 1 year free trial :P 2nd reason is that i am in Afghanistan and i have internet speed of 20KBps so you can’t expect me to use flash stuff alot :D

    If i am afghan and i am accountant it doesn’t mean i can’t become a good site developer ^_^
    thanks again for your help, it is hard to find good people like you in forums.


    Now i have a issue here in this forum a person is saying that he is still seeing it without rounded corners, even though i told him that you see it with rounded corners and i also saw it in picture of adobe browserlab
    you can see his comments here

    now i don’t know what to do, as before i think on correcting the error i have to find out if it exists or not LOL


    Sounds like the browser and document modes as senff pointed out, press f12 to open the dev menu


    BIG THANKS TO YOU GUYZ, well you both were talking about document mode/ browser mode but i was not reaching anywhere as i am hearing these things for first time. When Karlpcrowley said to use f12 i used and moved around and do clicked browser mode but didn’t even read about document mode, so i was facing the same issue. But when i was moving around internet for radius stuff i reached this place here in 3rd comment they are talking about the same thing as you guyz said in your first comments but as this one provided a picture, i was able to understand what are you people saying and where did i went wrong. So i changed the document mode from ie8 to 9 now its rounded.

    EVERYTHING IS PERFECTLY OKAY, you guyz rock, thanks alot for help. Keep up the good work ^_^

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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