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    I use Github but I don’t want to pay for private repos. Plus, I just set up a VPS today. So… I’m thinking I should EASILY be able to run 5-10 sites on one VPS and have a Gitlab install to host private repos for those sites.

    Does anyone use this service? Seems pretty badass to me. It’s basically Github enterprise for free.


    I use Bitbucket. Unlimited private repos.


    I’ve heard of Bitbucket and Gitorious. I really like Gitlab. I think I might stick with it.

    Do you ever use Github then?


    I use github all the time. When I need a private repo, I simply host it myself. If you’re getting yourself a VPS, why not pacman -S git?


    @Traq, of course I’ll have git installed. However, I need some sort of repo management. Github is great and I love it. The problem is… I need private repos. For several reasons.

    One reason is, I don’t want my clients to steal code without paying. That’s the big one. On another note, I’ve got a few Python apps that I don’t really want to be open source projects.

    I suppose I could pay for private repos on Github but I’d rather not. That’s where Gitlab comes in.

    I COULD not use any sort of repo management tool. But… I’ve grown quite accustomed to inline diffs, an issue tracker and code review tools.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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