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    Hi, I am 18 and shipping off to college in a few weeks and I need to buy a laptop. I’m going for Computer Science, and I know this is a web development website but I’m sure a lot of you might at least dabble in the software field. I do some light gaming (not too much) so graphics cards aren’t a huge deal, but are somewhat important. I have been looking at processors and some websites say to not splurge on getting a core i7, but I’m not completely sure what processor would be best to get.

    I have to say off the bat, I don’t love apple products. They have some amazing construction, but I feel you don’t get what you pay for in the guts of the computer. Plus, there are a lot of little things that aren’t so economical (ex: mini display ports are pretty useless unless you only own apple products, lack of many card slots, etc.). But, you can try and convince me if the price is right, because I do agree they look beautiful.

    I need to have this computer insured for at least 3 years, too.
    Microsoft office and all that isn’t needed, I own it already. Without any extra software is usually preferred.

    As for size, 15" is the form factor I think would be best. I would really love an HD screen as well.

    I have around $1400-$1600 to spend on my laptop (including insurance), so I want to know what you guys would suggest I buy.

    Rob MacKay

    mmm if I had the money, and I knew I would be using Adobe suite on it I would go Mac. Otherwise I would go for a solid Windows machine option.

    Just because Mac have a magical way of handling large files, that’s all really… But you can still get the same spec Windows laptop for half the price you would pay for a Mac lol


    If you want to buy some nice laptop so I would recommend to Sony or dell. Both are very nice laptop for new feature,
    This both company has to give us very nice battery back up and very easy us. If you want to buy laptop for Internet so I would say Dell is best for that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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