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    Hello, just after a bit of advice really in what path I should take.

    I’ve only been desinging for about 4 or 5 months, I am failry comfortable now with html/css. I would like to branch out and learn another language what would you guys suggest to be more beneficial to me?

    PHP & MySQL or JavaScript and jQuery?

    Appreciate any feedback,

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    Their both really good to learn

    But I would say overall, PHP would be much more useful in more circumstances. PHP will help you understand most CMS’s code will help you style wordpress, save you a lot of time. (like the include(file.php or file.html) will let you insert html/php. Awsome for navigation links);

    Problem with PHP is it’s server side, meaning it’s compiled into HTML so you need a server to test it out, if your on windows, I would recommend using Xampp as a nice portable webserver great for testing.

    Jquery is awsome also, but it’s more of a, "let’s make things pretty" like slideshows, image zooming, Ajax, and more which are good and all but not as useful, if you don’t know PHP.

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    Thank you for the reply. I have themed a wordpress site once and I did find php quite interesting also, I am currently themeing Joomla sites. But I can’t say i’ve "learned" these codes, its mostly copy and paste work, which I don’t consider a skill. I am very torn between the two I eventually intend to learn both but I just don’t know which one to do first. The face that I can build CMS sites in Joomla I may start on JavaScript.

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    I totally agree with Mr Brightside.

    PHP is useful for developing with WordPress, Joomla, etc. and making websites work.

    JQuery/Javascript helps the front end of the website to move around and do "cool" things. I have been developing for 6+ years and just started to learn JQuery… as I didn’t need it before…

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    This is just my 2 cents, and I’d be curious what other people think also…

    I had all these thoughts of becoming a proficient programmer in addition to being a graphic designer. I’ve been doing graphics and design for about 10 years and programming for only about 4. So I’m definitely much more design oriented.

    After attempting to dig really deep into web languages, I really came to the conclusion that I had to pick a specialty: front end design (the user experience) or back end architecture (nuts and bolts). It got to the point where I literally could not keep up with everything. Jquery, Javascript, Mootools, CSS3, HTML5, D/XHTML, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. I mean, new versions and new technologies in all of these fields are being born every day… even Flash has become almost a sub-specialty with how many things you can do with Actionscript.

    The server side is just as expansive, growing, changing and maybe even more complex.

    So, what I ended up doing was learning enough PHP to understand how it works so I could do things like simple contact forms, includes, etc and be able to create/edit wordpress themes. For me, the most important thing was to learn enough of how PHP works to intelligently talk to a PHP expert, and to talk to clients about what is actually possible, and how much it could potentially cost.

    Then I abandoned anything else so that I could really focus my efforts on the visual side. With my more creative, less logical disposition, my time would be spent more effectively doing things I’m naturally good at. And things like heavy programming, which comes naturally to a more logical thinker, would STILL take me much longer to do even if I learned it really well. So I would be better off paying someone to do that work as a subcontractor.

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    Thats an interesting post xheathen I kinda had the same thoughts. I think in a similar way to you, I don’t want to be able to create php plugins for joomla for example from scratch, I just want enough of an understanding that when I install one, I can see what its doing and how it works, so that I can manipulate it to the best of my ability.

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    yeah, if my experience is any gauge, it was really liberating deciding to focus on what I felt I was actually good at. Took the pressure off of trying to be a jack of all trades. I also feel like the client gets a better overall finished product: it was made by experts on every piece of it and nothing was half assed.

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