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    I created a site using wordpress. I installed the ‘starkers’ theme and modified it. However, inside the of the single.php, there’s a bunch of text promoting the blog. This is enclosed within a class of promote. I have been searching for where this text is located throughout my site but I cant seem to find it. I had initially thought that this was located within my functions.php, but the file is empty.
    It seems like the class might be somewhere in the actual wordpress folder. I’m currently testing the website at the moment on a MAMP server on my mac, so i wouldnt be able to provide a link. I see it when I click on a post from the index page and it takes me to the single.php file. Then its located just above the comments section and just below the content of the post.

    I was hoping someone here would be able to help me.


    So is this text you have created or did it come with Starkers?
    Have you looked in comments.php?


    For a quick fix set css: .promote {display:none;}

    Otherwise, can we see your site?


    Hey guys, sorry for the late reply.

    The "promote" class in question was not created by me, so its from either the starkers theme or in the default wordpress somewhere. And I have checked in the comments.php and its not there. I used the process of elimination to find out that its (for some strange reason) located somewhere in the <?php the_content ?> in the single.php file.

    Like I said before, I’m running the site on my localhost at the moment for testing, so it’s not possible for you to view it. I’ve saved some screenshots in my dropbox to show you guys though.

    What the user sees:
    The HTML:


    Let’s see single.php, Put it up here in the code tags

    Chris Coyier

    It’s definitely not a part of starkers or core WordPress. Perhaps a plugin in tucking that in there?


    errrr… Yeah thanks Chris. It actually was a plugin. Feeling like a bit of an idiot here.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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