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    Almost everything I’ve learned about webdevelopment and webdesign comes from the internet. Recently I buyed some books to learn a little bit more theory and I read a lot of css-feeds. My question to you: where comes your webdesign/webdevelopment knowledge from?


    A good part of it is coming from the web.
    I mean, I’m a certified programmer (I went to Multihexa, a programmation school over here) but what you learn in school is pertty much how to do your work with the minimal effort, there isn’t any ‘creative’ aspect to it. That’s why I’m always on forums / blogs / google to try to find out cool stuff that just came out… so I guess we could say 70% of my knowledge come from the web, 20% from school, and 10% from job :) (currently doing a work placement as a graphist / programmer).

    Jermayn Parker

    I would say 60% web
    20% job
    10% books
    and 10% school

    Problem with school is that by the time they write up the content for the year (which gets refreshed every 3-4 years on average) its already out of date.


    70% web
    10% reference material (magazines, books, W3C, etc)
    10% from mentors
    10% making it up / trial and error

    I love the doing the last one the most

    David R

    In my early days, almost completely from books.

    Now, I’d say almost 100% from websites to get the
    latest CSS tips and tricks.

    For design ideas I have a few favorite websites
    that showcase some of the best designs out there. I grab
    screen shots of my favorites, print them out, and study them
    like a fiend.

    I also subscribe to an online magazine called "Before and After"
    It’s not only about site design, but for print as well.


    I don’t know why, but I hate learning from book. It’s often not really semantic, and oudated, even if you take a recent one. Take for exemple HTML book, they are still showing <br> instead of <br /> and lot of little details like that. Some of them still design with table (yea, like back when we started :P) ! So … I never read those book anymore, they are so wrong :X !

    If you ever find a good book, I’ll be glad to check it out tough, but I doubt you will…

    Jermayn Parker
    "Hawke" wrote:
    If you ever find a good book, I’ll be glad to check it out tough, but I doubt you will…

    The thing with HTML etc is that the spead of new trends etc is actually slowing down to a pace were you can buy books that will help. Good example is that CSS2.1 has been around for a while.

    However I tend to think books on code gets out dated sooner than books on trends and other elements like usability, accessibility etc.


    90% from the web, 5% from books, 5% from school. I am currently back in school going for a Web Technologies degree. Haven’t gotten into any courses where I’ve learned anything I didn’t already know. Should be getting into a PHP class soon, which is something I know very little about, so I’m looking forward to that one.


    all I know I got it from here! :D

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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