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    …is it your responsibility to put the site online (on your own server if you have one) or do you simply hand the files over and say good luck?

    I don’t have my own server by the way. The only way I could put a clients site up online would be to hire the space for them?

    I’m a noob clearly but any help would be appreciated.



    It really depends on what the Client wants… If they request it then, yes. Though I always discuss it with the Client, and point them in the right direction. Hosting it yourself would be a big money spender. And unless you have a few clients, then its not really worth the money.

    Cheers Danni


    In the contract you should have specified the setup/hosting to put it online. This includes the costs for setup and hosting itself. In the future, you should look into a reseller account for your clients.


    I’ve seen many developers offer free hosting for a year as part of the contract. If you use a host such as godaddy you can host multiple domains at no extra cost.


    When initially discussing the project, it is easy to mention the price of a hosting and a domain when also talking about your costs. That’s generally how I handle it.


    I ask clients to arrange for their own hosting; although I’ll make recommendations if needed. I typically give them an estimate of what it’ll cost them for hosting and domain name registration.

    Agree 100% that GoDaddy is terrible. Hard to reach for support, and when you do they’re not very knowledgeable or responsive. And their security appears to be quite lax, given the number of domain-hijackings of sites they host/manage.

    I have a “working” area on one of my domains that I use when creating sites – I regularly send clients links to view and approve pages under development.


    I agreee with Snillor, I will ask clients to arrange for their own hosting and I I’ll make recommendations dependant on the reqs’

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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