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    Hi Guys

    My site gets 100 vists a day The site normally used to get about 3 to 10 news subscribers a day but since, I’ve
    changed my site design layout not one person has signed up to my e-mail News letter in 4 days and it still getting the same amount of traffic. So only thing that change is the design and not content

    I’m just wonder what it about the design that is making people not sign up to the news letter any more?

    Look forward to your view and feedback?


    After going to the site, I couldn’t figure out what it was.

    I saw a graph, money signs, and "newsletter", which are three things many internet users won’t look deeper into.


    What is the website about?

    That’s the first and most obvious thing that a user should be able to determine.
    Tell us what this thing is we should be subscribing to. Front and centre.

    What did the site look like before the change? Can’t get any grasp on what’s different without seeing it.


    Many Thanks for your time to look at the site and your great feedback

    The site about which is free joomla shopping cart extensions and it supply tutorials and templates for virtuemart

    I’ll send you image of original design soon.. the design changes I made it was only adding a side menu and "hello guest" text but, I think the site not as well as aligned as it once was.

    I think problem might of been that I added more option to tutorial sugguest news letter and I think this was making it a bit confusing putting a few off people from signing up.

    I’ve removed the tutorial sugguestions and I someone signed up to the news letter for 1st time in a week.

    I find this very interesting because traffic to the site pretty much the same before I made the changes to the layout but those few changes have had a big effect on rate of news subscriber’s.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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