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    I have been in the web world for some time now but mostly programming and web servers. I have recently started to learn CSS as I am impressed of all the cools stuff that the web has to offer.

    This is really my first project where I am trying to slice myself and I am stuck figuring how to implement a certain aspect of a design. In the design below, the lower right corner it has 3 callouts which I am trying to figure out if I should use three divs? a ul list? or just use a three row table?

    This is the design:

    Here is my progress:

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, feel free to comment on any mistakes or improvements I could implement.

    ..and thanks Chris for hosting this great site.

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    Note: You’re missing the closing </ul> tag, so line 83 shows an error (the opening of the <ul>).

    All of the "if’s" for IE are not good. You should defnitely be able to code the nav without needing any fixes for IE:

    <!–<!–[if lte IE 6]>


    <!–[if lte IE 6]>


    As for the bottom right, I personally would go with an ul. Divs would be my obvious 2nd choice, but you want to stay away from tables unless you’re working with tabular data.

    You can set the icons as each li’s background. Also using li’s makes sure that the whole area is clickable.

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    I would have used ul.. you can try that.. its much better suited for that than a div i think

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