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    Tom Houy

    I have a video of a person talking against a green screen, that I would like to place into a web page (more specifically, an animation I am working on in Adobe Edge Animate.). I would like the green screen portion of the video to be transparent to the rest of the page where it resides.

    I know that this could be done with Flash, but I am trying to stick with just HTML/CSS/Javascript if possible.

    I’ve seen a number of articles on various ways to accomplish this, but many of them go back several years and I am not clear what the most up to date method(s) are with decent browser support.

    I’m not really worried about accommodating IE 9 or lower, so we don’t need to go back that far with support.


    Not sure this is something that HTML& CSS can deal with.

    It sounds like you need to use video editing software like After Effects even then I’m not sure I’ve even seen a ‘see-through’ video on the web with web content behind it.

    I’ve seen a number of articles on various ways to accomplish this. you have links as this is not something I am aware of in HTML /CSS?

    JS might have a solution but it sounds like a real memory/GPU hog.

    Tom Houy

    There was this method I came across, but it doesn’t work for me in the latest versions of Firefox and IE on my Win 7 (64) system:

    I’m fine with creating an additional “alpha channel” type video if need be. I guess I was just wondering if perhaps there was some sort of JQuery or other Javascript library out there that could pull this off and be cross browser friendly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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