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    Hey Everyone,

    Just thought I would ask what Editor software you guys use.

    I use Edit Plus which has been very good, I like the colour of the syntax which highlights problems, and I like how you can tweak your template so that when you load say a new HTML document it already has most of the syntax you may want.

    but I feel it is not doing what I would like it to do and that is, if I open up any tag I want it to close it

    what editor do you guys use and why do you like them?

    links to any free software appreciated so I can try

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    As of reciently I’ve been using WordPad, HTMLkit, Dreamweaver CS4 Beta. When I get my iMac at the end of the month hopefully I will be buying Coda (after I try it out of course I’ve heard alot of good things about it but never tried it out).

    I’m going to be trying out NotePad++ from source forge

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    I mainly use Dreamweaver (CS4), but every now and then good old notepad is handy.

    gr. Bert

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    "lyjg1112" wrote:
     4. 信息发布网站推广方法
    5. 快捷网址网站推广方法

    <img src="; border=0>

    I really wish I could read your posts dude, but I cant

    using google translate it gave me this:

    Tamotsu Masaru Information推广网站发布关的other current and potential访问available for网站户,网站这些户在获取for use of Information and推广网站实现desk purpose of the breath适用发布于这些信线黄Jae-Home网站comprehensive, minutes类广report,论坛,网站Expo visitors , Makoto Motomu pledged flatbed breath,站等业网line. Seismic Information费网站推发布广的whether a civil way LOVE.

    5.网址Rapid网站pleasant way推广
    Immediately实名网络rational use of the other side类似网址以及访问mode and come关键实现词网网站站快推广Rapid method. Rapid Languages网址free use natural应关其对Japanese system built网站URL, using Jungmun惯于这对-于习户来说for, and provide expedient极大AFP, the ratios for the户只English网址需输please enter Canada changed easily and free Mass Rapid记忆问网以访网址站就可,语或for the mother of Treasury and other词汇简单为网-站"换changed," one记忆个更good, easy update of the body网址现品figurative tile, for example, or the name of如选业择企标commerce, the main为中Products name and statements movie网址, Wataru Hiroshi这样以大accepted the inconvenience网址English Yu补缺陷传的Sun, Sada Yuuiti consideration of the direction of推广为在价值网址. NOTE企业随wearing网址Rapid quantitative册增加pleasant, pleasant这些O户数可也for Rapid worth网址一个搜索引擎Yu,这样, using a certain spot个关户检索键词时, can be used immediately by a ruling网址网站NOTE并不册match hitting statement, under the present样for户发现Committee and a desk.

    still makes no sense to me dude…

    I assumed it was japanese, but here is what I got from chinese:

    4. Web site to promote information dissemination methods
    The site will promote the release of information on other potential users may visit the Web site, users use these sites to obtain information Web site to promote the realization of the purpose for such information, including online yellow pages sites, classified ads, forums, blog sites Supply and demand information platform, the industry Web site, and so on. Information is the promotion of the free Web site commonly used methods.

    5. Web site to promote faster method
    That is, rational use of Internet real-name, generic Web site, as well as other similar words fast access to Web sites to promote the achievement. Web site fast to use natural language and its corresponding Web site URL to establish relations, which are used for the use of Chinese users, providing a great convenience, the user can input more than the English site to the fast and easy to remember URL will be able to visit the Web site, To use their mother tongue or other simple words for the site "to replace" a better memory, easier to reflect the brand’s Web site, such as the choice of business name or trademarks, product names, and so on as a major Chinese Web site, which can greatly make up for the English site is not easy Promotion of defects, as in the promotion Web site has some value. With the corporate Web site registered fast increase in the number of these fast Web site users also can be the equivalent of a search engine, so that when users use a search keywords, even if registered with the site of a Chinese Web site is not uniform, the existence of the same users Found.

    again still makes no sense to what I originally posted about

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    I use Notepad++, Visual Web Developer and Expression Web and all three of them offer the code collapse functionality you are looking for.

    # November 16, 2008 at 10:18 am
    "uba" wrote:
    I use Notepad++, Visual Web Developer and Expression Web and all three of them offer the code collapse functionality you are looking for.

    Heyyy i use Notepad++ , but i cant get the code collapse to work, i’ve played about in the settings , but still no success?

    Any ideas?

    # November 16, 2008 at 1:43 pm

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    when you say code collapse? you mean a small + or – so that it can hide code??

    actually what I was really meaning was if I write <p> I want the program to automatically add the </p> for me.
    Edit Plus has the code collapse built in and it is a cool wee feature, and it can be set to close tags for me:
    e.g. if I type in in black the program finishes in red…
    <a href="" class="something">a link</a>

    but I want it to do this for me instead:
    <a href="" class="something">a link</a>

    apart from this small feature Edit Plus is a great piece of software, I have amended my templates and I now have:

    all of these template files have unique code & comments at the start, so i don’t have to add in all the doctypes, meta, robot stuff, I can change what I want and it is all there, the only things that are not included is the decleration of keywords, descriptions and URLs to specific things as they are the bits that are unique to the site I am then designing.


    # November 16, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    @ScottMacD I am using the 5.0.3 version and the code collapse is on by default but make sure that you have any language selected from the Languages menu that is other than Normal.

    @ikthius Well Notepad++ does not offer auto tag completion but it does offer some amount of word completion when your language is selected to something like PHP, JavaScript or CSS. But the other two tools that I mentioned do offer the best code editing functionality I have seen and Visual Web Developer Express Edition is free as well.

    # November 17, 2008 at 1:20 pm


    Aww i have the code collapse thing, i thought thats what you were calling the "auto close" thing sorta what dreamweaver has , my fault.

    Thanks anyway

    # November 19, 2008 at 4:52 am

    textmate. nothing increases productivity more than its bundles. nothing.

    # November 20, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    I use smultron… very good and free :!:

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