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    I developed a new site to display my demos. I could simply htaccess 301 my entire site. But then every visitor would be confused they didn’t land on their expected page. But that’s best for google. I could meta refresh after 5 seconds and say the site has moved, so good for visitors, but meta is bad for seo. I could php 301 it using the same ideas.

    If you switched domain names, and you spent the last 6 years building seo for your old domain, how would you 301 redirect to your new domain? Remembering that I also want to inform visitors that I changed locations.

    Eric W

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    Well, you kinda name all the pros and cons already — so it’s up to you to decide what you feel most comfortable with.

    Personally, I would probably choose the .htaccess method. I don’t think users would be confused that easily (unless they’re USED to go to a different page and it’s all changed all of a sudden).

    You could have a small message on your site somewhere that informs the user that they landed on (Formerly Known As or something.

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    That’s a good idea. That works for for google and users. Anyone that cared would be frequent return visitors. I could remove the message after a few months. Hmmm that’s one possible.

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