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    Ok so i’ve got some money to burn…so i thought i’d buy a book on CSS.

    What would you recommend and why?


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    I don’t know good English books about css, but I know where you can buy / have a paid account for video tutorials. Maybe that’s a good alternative?

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    I have a few…

    Bulletproof Web Design

    Transcending CSS

    The Zen of CSS Design: … zzoblue-20

    All of them are pretty good but I can’t say any of them blew my mind and helped me push through learning anything. Then again, none of them are really for that… They are mostly inspirational/theoretical.

    I’ve also heard good things about the new Sitepoint CSS Reference book. I could see picking that baby up.

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    Web Standards Solutions is a decent book. Again, not a book that’ll you’ll take to bed at night, but a good beginner reference point, or refresher for those of us who’ve forgotten more than we ever knew.
    Once you have the basics and general proceedures organised in your head, you’ll probably find the internet will become your first port of call when trying to fill (or refill) those knowledge gaps, but a book like this can be useful and sometimes quicker to find an answer.

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