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    Did a huge update to the site over the past few weeks.

    Stripped out the YUI Grids and used my own framework
    Added a new page (services)
    Got things more above the fold
    Converted many graphics to sprites
    Split up the page for faster loading
    Re-worked the navigation and portfolio (love it!)
    Got all XHTML validated against strict as well as CSS
    Really reduced the drop shadow effects…a big nod to The Doc for that suggestion. ;)

    Check it out ya’ll!

    Let me know if you see any anomalies. I’ve checked it IE (not supporting IE6 anymore), Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera but nothing on a Mac.


    I still think the typography needs some work. It’s fine as is, but I think it can be fine-tuned just a touch. I’ll try to get around to posting a screenshot or something of what I mean. Busy these days, hopefully put one up by the end of the weekend!


    I really am not as happy with the Typography as I could be. My lady loves it, but I really think it could be better also, so any suggestions are more than welcome!


    Overall, I like it.

    I agree about the fonts. I think there are just too many serifs on the page. The titles look fabulous, but I’d try a san-serif on the main text.

    A super picky thing: I noticed when the page loaded for the first time, the navbar took a while to load, and before it loaded there was a much darker blue for the background. I would load the same Nav background that you already have on the rest of it. That UL may have a bg color which is hiding that other bg img.



    Oh man, great call! I actually did have a bg color associated with that UL…changed it to transparent. Thank you! I like super picky…that’s how great designs become amazing designs….nay…illuminated designs. 8-)

    And I really do want to change to a sans-serif, I just mostly don’t like the web safe options. :/


    I think the web-safe options are perfectly acceptable, to be honest.


    I find them to be acceptable as well, I just am a bit tired of them as a whole. But typography is something I know I need improvement on, so I’m open to any combo suggestions. :)


    Nice. My very first reaction is that the cloud graphic and color scheme provide a very soothing and pleasant feel. I like the professional, finishing touch of the thin dark and light lines on the separator line on various pages. Also admire the subtle use of drop shadow text on selected headings. Gradients are nicely understated and effective too. Restraint (something I have lots of trouble practicing myself) goes a long way toward achieving a professional look, IMO.

    One thing I’m not a big fan of is full justification. IMO, unless you have a long enough line length with enough words to make it work with subtlety, the forced spacing between words becomes glaringly obvious and a little off-putting.


    Regarding fonts, I’m partial to a modern font stack myself, as found on SitePoint’s blog See how AlistApart mixes up the header and body fonts, to a pleasing effect. I dunno, I instinctively shy away from serif fonts on websites (if a website uses them, I tend to question the professionalism of the company). But that’s just me…

    Overall, though, a nice, clean design. You’re just about beyond the CSS-Tricks range. :) Cheers!


    Well I took some time with the fonts and really re-examined them. I really didn’t want to use serifs on the body text but I couldn’t find the font I wanted…surprisingly, Trebuchet MS saved the day! Also did some other changes. Check it out and let me know what you guys think! And thanks so much for the feedback given, I really tried to implement the suggestions while also finding a personal middle ground of what I want it to look like.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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