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    Tell me what you think of the new Layout. i changed the top bar from the entire width background was white with top and bottom border of 1px black, text black and hover would be white text and black background.. i wasn’t a fan of it. and then sub headings and headings were red text.

    the nav now sits up at the top right hand corner neatly, and the headers and sub headers are purple, the links int the body are purple; when hover they are blue.

    im not sure how i feel about them turning blue because it kind of ruins the effectiveness of links standing out from the headings. im thinking of changing it to just blue and removing the underline. but go through the site, let me know what you think. i can take criticisms well. if i deflect it lol

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    With all due respect you might want to check the spelling and punctuation, especially on the ‘Services’ page.

    Also, for a web designer’s site….it’s pretty basic…you’re gonna have to ‘wow’ your prospective audience and if you can’t grab them on the first page then they aren’t likely to bother looking into your portfolio….I know I wouldn’t.

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    Very basic, if you want a clean professional look you might try working on your typography. Also I would maybe suggest marketing yourself as efficient, specialized, personable, instead of cheap.

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    Additionally, for someone who makes “HTML 5, PHP, JQuery part of my every day (sic) websites” I ain’t seeing a lot of dynamic content…but perhaps that’s coming.

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    Definitely could use a little more work, but you’ve got a structure down and that’s definitely a good start.

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    hey @attilahajzer,

    Like everyone else says, it’s not very “WOW”. @paulie_d is correct, if you’re claiming HTML5 and CSS3 abilities, you should showcase some of it. Don’t get too caught up in being flashy, you don’t need to have an overly amazing site if your portfolio is solid enough. Take for example, it’s not fancy or over the top, but they design phenomenal websites. Your layout is good, just like @TheDoc said, you just need to spice it up a little. A texture rich background, some highlights here and there like corner ribbons on portfolio items or some movement in the menu. You’ve got a good solid start, now make it awesome.


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    Lol, there’s more to design than texture backgrounds and ribbons.

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