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    We just updated our website for 2012. However I have been getting feedback from people that there seems to be a problem with completing an order. I have also noticed that users have not been uploading photos of their face in characters. We have tested this on your computers, Mac and PC and everything seemed to work fine on our end.

    Could you please go to ********* and upload a photo into a character of your choice and press the “preview button” on the form and see if you can complete the order and get to the checkout page. Please note no payment options have to be entered at this point. Thank you very much for your time and help.


    Windows 7, latest Google Chrome. Worked fine for me.
    Ask people about the platform and browser used.


    Well apart from the minute to load the flash :(

    Windows 7 – Chrome v18.0

    The UI/UX is appalling, uploading a large picture is a pain in the arse to make the correct size, plus if you make the image smaller and the blue box is not in the face view you can’t pick it up properly.

    I waited for around 2 minutes after clicking the preview button and nothing happened.. Just sat on “One moment please while we save your design”

    Sorry for the negative feedback.


    Thank you for your feedback. We have heard the problem is with internet explorer with pop up blockers. Did anyone have this problem? We are trying to work out the kinks to the new version. Steven, besides the delayed loading times did you have any other problems? Or things you would improve on? Thank you.

    Ricardo C.

    I have run your website on a Mac; using the latest of safari, chrome, firefox and Internet explorer and it seem to be working quite well!


    Thank you so much for your feed back guys much appreciated. We are working things out.


    I’m afraid that I agree with StevenBullen.

    Too long to load – lose the flash. I think if you’re trying to sell something you should get right to the content that’ll lead folks to stay around long enough to buy.

    I tried uploading both a very small and then a rather large JPG, using both Firefox 11.0 and Safari 5.1.4. Never succeeded in getting either image to appear in the preview.

    If there are size (in pixels) constraints for the image being uploaded, the visitor needs to know these. Or better yet, some sort of behind-the-scenes resizer that works quickly.

    The 3 pairs of tools/controls (zoom, refresh?, and I don’t know what the last one is) aren’t very intuitive. Clicking on the magnify brought up a blue box, but resizing it didn’t do anything and I couldn’t move it over the face cutout area in the preview graphic.

    This is an ambitious preview function and could be really neat if it worked, but my experience trying to use it tells me it’s far from being ready.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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