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    Hello and thank you for clicking!

    Here is one of my first websites for a client:

    The client is a pianist and composer who wants his bio, music compositions, and contact info on the website site. He is also available for a number of music related services such as performances and composition.

    I’d love any feedback on the design and experience of the site.

    Federico Balboa

    hi !

    i don´t recommend you parallax for your first client site.

    its a little complicated; the form submission should be by ajax & jquery at least, not to a php blank page, there is a lot of tutorials on the web.

    i am in chrome Versión 34.0.1847.116 m and the responsiveness is affected by parallax

    good luck


    I’m on Firefox v28.0 & notice a similar effect to the one in the picture posted by the person above.

    One suggestion I’ll make is to use to start all videos right when the song begins, unless you really want all the talking beforehand included. For example, use this link and the video will begin right as the musicians take a breath before they play:

    Also several video links must be wrong because they lead to videos that don’t exist, displaying YouTube’s “not there” sort of warning.

    I’m personally not a huge fan of the every-page-in-one-long-page style but if that’s what your client wants then you’re design here is quite nice.


    I’d also like to see some error handling and a better email success message with the contact form. I was able to submit it without filling in any of the fields, and then it just went to a blank white page that says “Thank You”.

    Since it’s a single page site, I’d suggest doing something like AJAXing in your success message to keep them on the single page site. Something like that would definitely enhance the experience with the contact form.


    i don´t recommend you parallax for your first client site.

    Just for posterity, this isn’t a true parallax effect.


    First, thank you all for responding to this post. It’s nice to see how supportive the web community is.

    I have made adjustments to the back-ground images so they don’t repeat at smaller screen sizes. Since there is more than a page of information on the ‘Bio’ page, I had to use a repeating texture instead of an image so the repeat effect wouldn’t be so obvious.

    I’m currently reworking the form submission so it doesn’t bring the user to a white page.

    Also, I’m reworking the youtube videos with (good call on that aaronmoore) The issue with some youtube vides not opening happened because the plug in i’m using doesn’t support linked youtube playlists. Instead, I just replaced the links with the ‘part I’ of each song.

    Even though it was a bit of a stretch for me to use a parallax responsive website for my first client site or for this particular job, I feel that i’ve learned a lot about how these types of sites work. I agree the opinion that this site may have been better off not using a single page scrolling site.

    ~Thanks again guys!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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