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    What do you guys think?


    Looks okay! There’s much to say but I’ll simply point out one thing in hopes of stimulating your own thoughts on the matter.

    Why is there a “Change Color” option and why does it have equivalent hierarchical status on the page to all of the main site navigation? What value does this add for visitors of the site? Do you think it adds any? Is there any value in “neat” features like this that don’t improve any aspect of the user’s experience?

    I’m not actually providing answers/opinions to these questions now but perhaps I will later!



    Thats a good point, I may relocate it, I just have to find where.


    I’ve got very little criticism to give about this, you seem to be doing nearly everything right. Well done.

    I do however agree with @dyr about the “Change Color” thing. I’d recommend moving it into the footer. It’s fun, but it isn’t remotely important and as such shouldn’t be in the header nav.

    rahul kapoor

    One more thing, the website says that you will post the name of your indiegogo supporters once they fund you but haven’t given any name as you have already got $121 so please do that.


    Thanks for the suggestions, I defiantly will relocate the “change color” to somewhere in the footer. And @rahul kapoor, I plan on putting all the names of the supporters, but after the campaign has ended and I have all of the names.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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