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  • # November 11, 2012 at 2:11 pm

    Remember ladies and gentlemen, today is Veterans day. It’s estimated that in America we have roughly 60,000 homeless veterans and millions struggling from physical and mental illnesses.

    So just a quit note, if you feel the need or want to donate to any organizations in efforts to help out our Veterans, below are some really useful links.

    Disabled American Veterans

    Support Homeless Veterans, INC.

    Why do i support veterans? I support veterans because i am one myself that struggles with a condition called Post Concussion Syndrome. It effects my ability to concentrate, memory loss, and inability to gather words and speak properly. It is extremely hard to compensate with this problem in the field of web development and software engineering. I am passionate about helping our Veterans, so if you do not agree with these causes, its completely fine. I just feel its my duty to spread the word and gain as much support for my fellow Veteran brothers and sisters.

    Have a great day and god bless!

    John Motyl Deployed

    # November 11, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Appreciate it, John. Thanks for sharing.

    # November 12, 2012 at 2:27 am

    Thank you for your service John!
    Hang in there with PCS – I went through PCS some 20 years ago due to a freak accident and I can confidently say that it has completely resolved.

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