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    I have the contact form from the downloads section of this site on my website. However, I keep getting people clicking send without actually filling out the form. I presume people are just interested to see what happens! Is there any way I can make the fields mandatory so the form cannot be submitted unless they are filled out?

    A template of some sort would be most helpful. My PHP and Javascript skills are very weak!



    Just wrote this for a friend, its javascript and validates by testing regular expressions. If you need an in depth explanation just let me know and i can comment the shit out of this. But keep in mind that Javascript can be disabled and should have a fallback, server side (php,, etc).

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    For PHP, this is a test form i played around with a while back == contact.php

    The workin example is on one of my garbage free sits…

    This one, however is not my code. This is a dreamweaver tutorial site or something. Information link:

    – Contact Form Designed by James Brand @ –>

    – Covered under creative commons license – –>

    // Set email variables
    $email_to = '[email protected]';
    $email_subject = 'Form submission';

    // Set required fields
    $required_fields = array('fullname','email','comment');

    // set error messages
    $error_messages = array(
    'fullname' => 'Please enter a Name to proceed.',
    'email' => 'Please enter a valid Email Address to continue.',
    'comment' => 'Please enter your Message to continue.'

    // Set form status
    $form_complete = FALSE;

    // configure validation array
    $validation = array();

    // check form submittal
    if(!empty($_POST)) {
    // Sanitise POST array
    foreach($_POST as $key => $value) $_POST[$key] = remove_email_injection(trim($value));

    // Loop into required fields and make sure they match our needs
    foreach($required_fields as $field) {
    // the field has been submitted?
    if(!array_key_exists($field, $_POST)) array_push($validation, $field);

    // check there is information in the field?
    if($_POST[$field] == '') array_push($validation, $field);

    // validate the email address supplied
    if($field == 'email') if(!validate_email_address($_POST[$field])) array_push($validation, $field);

    // basic validation result
    if(count($validation) == 0) {
    // Prepare our content string
    $email_content = 'New Website Comment: ' . "nn";

    // simple email content
    foreach($_POST as $key => $value) {
    if($key != 'submit') $email_content .= $key . ': ' . $value . "n";

    // if validation passed ok then send the email
    mail($email_to, $email_subject, $email_content);

    // Update form switch
    $form_complete = TRUE;

    function validate_email_address($email = FALSE) {
    return (preg_match('/^[^@s]+@([-a-z0-9]+.)+[a-z]{2,}$/i', $email))? TRUE : FALSE;

    function remove_email_injection($field = FALSE) {
    return (str_ireplace(array("r", "n", "%0a", "%0d", "Content-Type:", "bcc:","to:","cc:"), '', $field));


    Contact Form

    We Appreciate Your Feedback

    Your Name

    e.g. John Smith

    Your email address

    We will not use your email address with anyone

    Your Message

    Thank you for your Message!


    Thanks alot _John_ That was most helpful of you!


    Your welcome man, kinda perfect timing actually :) Like i said, if you need anything to be clarified just let me know :)

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