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    I’m a graphic designer trying to learn web design. I’ ve started using Sketch App, and I absolutely love it. However I have a couple of questions for the process. Say, if a client wants a website with E-commerce and a blog in wordpress. The main part of the website is easy, but for the blog part, how do I design for this? Do I design the category pages etc or is this somehow generated by itself? For the WooCommerce part do I design the checkout, single product page, shopping cart etc?

    Is there any overview or rescources to show me what pages I need to design?

    Hope the question makes sense!


    Geoff Graham

    Hey @aleksanderolsen,

    That’s an interesting question and one I run into with any new project.

    Blogs sound simple but — to your point — they do contain many screens:

    • Main Archive
    • Category Archive
    • Single Post
    • Sidebars
    • Widgets

    Same goes for shopping carts and the entire payment workflow.

    The level of detail in your design will depend on what you and your client agree is the final deliverable for your design work. For example, if your client expects mockups for each and every screen, then definitely do exactly that.

    If, however, you are working in components then your client might only expect a wireframe of the overall template layouts and the design patterns for the components that occupy the templates. In that case, your deliverable will likely be more of a style guide than a full-fledged mockup.

    I prefer the latter of the two when working with blogs because there is so much redundancy in blog layouts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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