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    I have never used sIFR before to import fonts, but I am interested in starting to practice it. I watched a really good conference piece from FOWD and I understand about the draw backs of people not having flash or having .js. I am just wondering if load times are faster with sIFR or optimized image files? Anyone out there that uses it religiously?

    Thanks! :D

    # November 25, 2008 at 2:39 am

    SIFR is a really nice thing to use especially since it allows progressive enhancement. Although the person has flash though it might still be hard on their computer to render. The images i’d suspect to load faster (haven’t used it as yet).

    As part of the css3 rave the @font-face is the future i see. I’ve partially stopped trying to support IE6 as long as I could help it. So no more png hacks (sometimes you have to because of what your clients target market uses).

    A very good read from when Chris posted his article on his redesign: … fonts-work
    I’m more leaning to the above seems it would be the best way to do things.

    I don’t think I answered your question but personally I don’t fancy the sifr thing that much compared to the @font-face but I will still use it for the mean time.

    I’ve been listening to some of the speakers of FOWD as well hopefully I can go to their conference in London if not I’ll try to go to the one in New York later
    Carsonified Crew is freakin awesome ^^

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