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    I want to setup a website that allows a user to fill in a form and upload their work to be printed, I’m thinking wufoo because it’s absolutely easy to get started. But their payment integration doesn’t allow me to use Malaysian Ringgit for the currency of my choice…it’s quite essential to use that currency because it is a local business.

    I was thinking about using wufoo and foxycart together. Is that possible. Creating a form to accept data, when the user hits submit, the foxycart cart appears and they can make payments.

    I emailed wufoo the following:

    Dear Foxycart

    Let’s look for a quick solution (it is essential for me to collect payments in Malaysian Ringgit)..
    I’ve been thinking whether this option i’m goint to share with you is possible?
    I want to collect data from my website from my customers who want me to print their material (that’s why i so want to use wufoo because it’s easy to implement a form that does that).

    Can i redirect the user to another page in which i can probably use foxycart to get them to checkout (putting a link that says "proceed with printing" that will pop out the foxycart’s cart (which allows me to set the price in the currency of my choice?

    Sorry for the long question, but i need to know if i can do this before signing up for a paid plan.

    And this was their reply:

    We do allow you to redirect to the website of your choice after form submission. The problem would be with relating the payment to an entry. Foxycart wouldn’t know what the user selected in the form, so there would be no way to link the two. This would only work if the price was a fixed price. The second problem is with linking the entry to the payment. How would you know entry 5 paid and where their receipt is? We do allow you to pass the entryID in the URL as well (, but does Foxycart allow you to store a variable?

    Now i don’t really know what variable their talking about?

    Thank you for reading this.

    Chris Coyier

    I’m thinking you could get it done… Using the URL modifications they mention, you can have the form redirect to a special URL with all the submitted form data IN THAT URL, including the price and quantities or whatever. Then you have that redirect location look for those variables in the URL (e.g. PHP’s GET) and behave accordingly, like, add that item automatically to the cart and open it via JavaScript.

    Although it seems to me it would probably be easier just to use your own forms.


    How do you add that data to the Cart?

    This is exactly the issue I have with a client project at the moment. I need a site visitor to upload a file, I then need to get that filename and attach it to the cart and tie it to the order….


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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