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    Chris Lowles

    Like if a user logs in the site returns a log of data he has made, like the localStorage API but utilizing user profiles so they can be accessed from multiple devices.



    Chris Lowles

    Lets say a user named derpytester logs into the site, the site loads derpytester’s container of data.
    I heard it may be possible in PHP and I’m willing to learn some, do you think there is a kind of method in doing that.

    Chris Coyier

    Yeah you might wanna sketch out the idea somehow or explain in a different way. The way it’s explained here is like any login system on any website.

    Chris Lowles

    Thank god you came to write here, so do you think there are any examples to get me started on making a login system? maybe the Facebook API?


    I heard it may be possible in PHP and I’m willing to learn some…

    How much do you already know? Realize that creating a login system from scratch —even a “simple” one— is not exactly a “simple” task. Your needs might be better served by a CMS, such as Kirby or WordPress…? You should check out your options.

    If you do need (or just really want) to make your own, then, like chriscoyier says, you’d need to explain what it is you need a bit more clearly. What are “containers of data”? Is there something specific you’re trying to build/ accomplish? You mentioned “like localstorage” —do you just want an arbitrary key:value store? how do you want users to be able to access/edit it?

    Chris Lowles

    Website here
    Github Repo

    The user would have a set collection of text snippets that, over time, will be created, edited and deleted by them, when they save an already made text snippet, it affects the text snippet in the server and changes to fit what was entered.

    Also for that localStorage thing, I’m using localStorage as a fill in, it currently does what I need it to do but it only stores the data (raw text) locally, and what I’m aiming for is something like localstorage but is able to be accessed from multiple devices.


    Setting up something to save text snippets for a particular user is pretty straightforward, but you’d need a user login system first, which is more complicated. At the very least, you’d need a simple name+password combination (not necessarily a full user “account”) to access each snippet.

    How do you intend to access / save each “snippet”? via AJAX?

    Chris Lowles

    A user types into the form, he/she then types a name to be used as the name of the text snippet into the Hero Box (the input box that says “Make, Load, Overwrite”) and then goes to the navigation box to either click Save or Load.

    The Save button saves the text snippet as a new file, and if a text snippet with a the same name already exists, it counts as a overwrite of the file, clicking Load loads a text snippet named whatever is in the Hero Box, lets say the Hero Box has the word “test3” in it, if the user clicks Load, the text snippet named test3 loads into the form as an insertion of a value of the piece of data.

    A neat little add-on I made is if the box is empty it is either saved or loaded under the name “Main”, the Main file is loaded upon the site loading so if you just want to quickly copy/paste something, you just leave the Hero Box empty and click save, clicking load with the Hero Box being empty loads the Main text snippet.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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