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    Josh Johnson


    It would be good to hear what people think outside of my uni of this website:

    The password to see the website is “jshjohnson”

    Constructive criticism would be appreciated. Thanks


    Looks very nice. Good clean layout, and not too much clutter.

    Few things I recommend / noticed:

      * The menubar items seemed a bit small, maybe make them larger and possibly bold.
      * The footer looked good, but was too big for the amount of content it held, and as such, had a lot of negative space, either fill it up with more links, or size it down a bit.
      * Good color scheme
      * At first I thought the dotted hr was controls for a slider, maybe I’m just stupid though…
      * Nice animation on the logo sliding down

    Overall a great job!


    I like it a lot. I thought the hr was a slider control for a second as well. I think that the mobile menu should appear earlier because the menu items start to get really small. Also, if possible I think the mobile menu should have a smooth opening, because right now it looks a little jarring. But overall I really like the design, good color choices and the background adds a lot.

    Josh Johnson

    Thanks for your feedback! What hr were you both referring to – the one on the homepage?


    Nice clean layout and very good use of colours. Looks like you have added some animation which is always nice to see!

    Good to see not too much glitz and glamour though which often would slow the page down.

    If I did have to make one comment it would be that on a smaller notebook screen I have found that you have to do a fair bit of scrolling before any content (i.e the header is very large). Other than that great work!


    I think your site is nice responsive design and very clear. However, there is a point to be concerned about element size.

    Please look below capture

    I recommend that you add this code to your CSS.

    @media screen and (max-width: 1280px) {
    .grid__cell.grid__cell.module-1-2.module.float-right {
    min-height: 281px;

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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