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    I’m referencing the coded for this page below:

    I’m using for custom web fonts. The problem is I have two different custom fonts that I need to use to make up one word. The word should be on one line: REDUXSTOCK

    Where “REDUX” is one font and “STOCK” is another.

    I have the fonts working properly however, the way it’s working with the code below, they are on separate lines:

    How do I make it so the one word with two custom fonts show up on one line?

    You can see my code here:


    Hi Goldtop!

    REDUX and STOCK are displaying on separate lines because by default <div>s are displayed as Blocks. A very simple way to combat this default CSS styling is to wrap the two words in a tag that by default displays as an Inline element – such as <span>. To accomplish this remove both <div>s and replace them with:

        <a href="">
            <span id="reduxstocklogofat">REDUX</span>
            <span id="reduxstocklogoslim">STOCK</span>

    Worked perfectly… Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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