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    I need to help create a store for a new client but the concept is very stylized. Because of this, I’ve come across a couple of issues that I could use some help with. :)

    Here are the basics. The store site will be a WordPress website…and the commerce plugin (I’m looking at a few) will allow for the latest items to be showcased on the home page.

    First, is there a way using CSS or any mechanism so that the images, which will look like polaroid pictures, to be randomly rotated? Meaning, I don’t want them all to be perfectly aligned on each row. I’d like them to look almost haphazard, so that they are turned a few degrees one way or the other. Otherwise the look will be too rigidly ordered.

    Second… I don’t want the spacing to be exact either. I’d like it so that in some cases, the items are closer to each other and in some cases, they’re a little further apart.

    If I were designing the page and hard coding the design, I could simply create a style for the items in question and manually adjust.

    But…with a store, the images and layout is generated dynamically. As new items are added, the rows fill up and everything looks uniform.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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