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    I have designed website with HTML, CSS, Java script & Php, currently i am looking to see if is possible to convert this site to wordpress in order to use plugins and be able to use all the features and services of wordpress, so can anyone let me know how i can turn a html site in to wordpress, thanks.


    Absolutely possible to convert it in WordPress!

    Learn WordPress, take your existing website module by module (header, sidebar, content, footer, etc.) and put that in WordPress until you got a fully working site.

    Right…. there is no short answer to “how to convert it?”. There’s no magic solution to it, you’ll have to work to make it happen. Learning WordPress is the first step. How to create a new site in WordPress is the second. And then once you got that down, it shouldn’t be too difficult to use your HTML site as a starting point to create it all in WordPress.

    Good luck!


    I learned a lot from the man here through
    WordPress 3: Creating and Editing Custom Themes
    with Chris Coyier – [LINK]( “LINK”)

    And then there’s lots at Lessons
    [LINK]( “LINK”)



    Lately it seems like that’s ALL I do for a living these days is turning HTML sites and PSD sites into WordPress sites….so it’s very very possible. People want to be able to edit the content themselves and not pay web people to go in and update things…and WordPress (I think) is the easiest CMS to learn.

    One of the things you should think about doing is learning on a blank WordPress template.

    This is the one I use

    I usually delete all the bells and whistles in the CSS and start from scratch.

    You can do a lot with a ton of plugins out there as well with it.

    Here are a few I use regularly:
    Custom Permalinks – Allows you to rename the links for each page/post
    Custom Post Widget – Allows you to have a WYSIWYG editor and edit sidebar information without text/html
    TinyMCE Advanced – Simply because the built in WordPress editor stinks.
    Widget Logic – Allows you to add conditions to sidebar elements (great with Custom Post Widget)

    Again just a few.

    If you have any questions PM me. I’d be glad to help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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