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    This is a mock up of a new agency site I am working on. Just wondering if anyone could give me feedback, good, bad of ugly.



    While overall I think its nice there are a few points which I think you could improve:

    1. The design is crying out for a bit of typograpical attention. Plain arial is dull.
    2. The alignment of the portfolio could do with lining up with the grid on the left
    3. A bit of attention on the margins between elements would add a level of polish – for example the top margin and bottom margin of the "Some of our work" doesnt work out
    4. The proximity of the portfolio images and the text is way off
    5. the "pull up pew" bit looks a bit shit

    Hope this helps


    Mostly I like it a lot !
    , but there’s a few points :

    • Color, shade and layout/grid looks good ![/*:m]
    • In the portfolio the subtitle that belongs to the image is kinda swimming south towards the next portfolio item. I’d recommend moving the margin between the image and the text underneath, to between the text underneath and the next portfolio item.[/*:m]
    • The list of services at Our Services. looks like a block of boring text. Make it a list (bullet point, may or may not be custom bullet points), and make them look like clickable links (maybe make then a bit greyer with a redisch dotted line orso, something that indicates that it’s a link) (asuming they are links, that is).[/*:m]
    • Font sizes and positions are good, but the font’s themselfs and the letter spacing is not. I’d recommend eiter introducing a serif font (such as non-bold Georgia), or going big and bold with bold Arial with negative letter-spacing. But that maybe personal taste :) – Either way, don’t stick with the overall Arial’ic look.
      – The top tag-line ("Hello, …") may look verywell with a thin font with a big letter-spacing (" H e l l lo ")[/*:m]
    • Lastly, the overall layout is very breathing and with good padding/markin. However the red note ("Pull a phew") is very tight. Ideally, make a square/rectangle (non-angled) invisible box for your self that fits in there, that that’s the margin ;-). Again, maybe personal taste, but might work).[/*:m][/list:u]

      Alright, those were my points. Do what you think is right, and remember what I started with above the list.



    I agree. A better font would really help (for titles at least). You might also consider making the lower sectional titles a bit larger.


    Got to say the fonts (or lack thereof) were the main thing that jumped out at me. Remember to be careful with your spelling, I know this is only a mockup but it’s important your site has good copy and good spelling & grammar. There are a lot of nitpicky web developers out there (like me), but more importantly there are a lot of potential clients that may see it as unprofessional. Sorry for being really picky!

    Keep your font sizes sensible too, some people can’t read regular sized text, nevermind tiny text! An accessible site isn’t necessarily a good website, but a good website will always be accessible.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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