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    Been working on this for the past two days and can’t seem to get this to work the way I need it to. Time to ask for some help!

    Let me begin by explaining the concept here, this will be used to showcase my photography, each slide you see is a gallery, the beginning setup is where you can navigate through the galleries and go into the gallery by clicking on one of the slides, which makes it expand to the full view.

    Some problems I’m trying to tackle at once are:

    keep the images proportioned
    keep the row of gallery images centered (also when moving around the row)
    keep full view of the gallery center to full view properly

    Here’s what I have so far (you can ignore the javascript panel)
    First problem is that the row of images isn’t aligning vertically.
    The navigation works though, but only with the help of some javascript (is it possible to do without?)

    Here’s the JSfiddle code:

    So I’m looking to solve the following problems.

    Keep it all in proportion when scaling (or regardless of your screen resolution)
    Align it all vertically no matter where you are in the navigation.
    Go into fullscreen no matter which slide you click
    (to see this not working click one to the right and then click to expand)
    (using javascript to make it slide to the center right now, taking suggestions if it’s possible without.)

    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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