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    I’m currently trying to install wordpress the way its suggested in the Digging Into WordPress book which is basically renaming the main wordpress folder and add it in the main root and then modify the index.php file then move the index.php and .htaccess file from this folder to the main root.

    I have done all of this and I see my main page but when I add a new post or page I cannot view them unless I change the index.php file back and this and the .htaccess file back to the renamed folder (the main folder where wordpress is installed).

    Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

    I have to admit that I was a little confused when I started reading the five minute install in this book since Chris asks to move the index.php file which is not a problem the problem is that he also suggests to move the .htaccess file which DOESN’T exist, then a little after he mentions that this file will be created automatically by modifying the defaults in the dashboard (permalinks) so, I’m wondering if I should let wordpress create this folder and then move it to the main root.

    Can someone explain this process a little bit? Don’t get me wrong I love this book!

    Thanks a lot!


    Hmm, I was reading the documentation from the wordpress site and it actually says copy these files NOT move.

    Is this what I supose to be doing?

    Chris Coyier

    Is this your first installment of wordpress and do you have any content already started?


    Thats my first installation this way, I have installed WordPress before but I have put the core files directly in the root folder and I like this method since its much cleaner. No, didn’t have any content.

    I tried copying the index.php and the htaccess files and it worked, so now I have these files in two different places.

    I’m wondering if the way Chris shows in his book should work and I’m just missing something.

    Thanks a lot for your reply!


    I maybe saying something you already know – if you do, I am sorry!!

    Open your root directory’s index.php file in a text editor.
    Change the following and save the file. Change the line that says:


    to the following, using your directory name for the WordPress core files:


    You also need to go to ‘wp-admin’ > ‘Settings: General’ and change the site URL and Blog URL to reflect your structure:

    Wordpress address:
    Site address:

    If that makes sense.


    I already did all that but it didn’t work until I added the .htaccess and the index.php files in both the root of my site and in the core files folder.

    In fact I think this is what wordpress recommends, see step number 7.

    Thanks a lot


    I might think, after freshly installing wp, probably you might have to save permalinks so this way the .htaccess file is created (if not otherwise) and then do the steps from Chris’s book


    I am having the same issue. I am new to wordpress and the codex is very confusing. I am using a mac. I downloaded the files for the first time but I do not see the .htaccess file this is very frustrating I love the book but I am stuck on chapter two and I can’t even test the files. Some one please help…Thank you in advance

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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