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    I created a site using the excellent tutorial found here at css tricks.

    In my design the height is also fixed and overflow is set to auto in css to create vertical scroll bars where needed.

    Now, what i’d like to implement is a method for showing a single long article where the text will overflow to the top of the next column to the right. One way could mean when the page is populated with text,

    tags must be added at the exact point of overflow. This point seems difficult to determine.

    Another way of doing it I thought of would be to put a copy of the text into each column with overflow set to hidden and simply raise the text of each consecutive box the same amount of pixels as fixed height of the page. This would only simulate the effect and would require calculating the height in pixels of the text in the fixed width column anyways in order to figure out how many columns to use.

    Anyone have any more ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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