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    Taufik Nurrohman

    Is this a generator problem? I’m on Windows. Using to convert TTF file to WOFF in base64 format:

    The “t” typeface… looks too short. Only occurs in regular font, on the size of 13, 15 and 17. My Alike and TexGyreHeros font also experienced the same thing ⇒


    Appears to be from a lack of hinting on the serif. You’re using Windows, correct? It’s not happening on the iPhone. Try using the Google web font version.


    Show me a side-by-side comparison of Font Squirrel vs GWF


    Yeah, it’s a hinting issue. This doesn’t happen on a Mac or iPhone. I would create a topic on Typophile (General Discussion) with the screenshots and demo.


    Also, if you look at line 10., the counter in the letter ‘e’ appears like it’s filled in. That indeed is a hinting issue. This font was probably auto-hinted.

    @Paulie_D Can you move this dicussion to Other?



    Haven’t seen that option yet although I have filed a bug report.

    EDIT…Aha !



    See the weird colors in the screenshot? This shows it was hinted. Now, I bet it was auto-hinted using an algorithm by Font Squirrel.

    And yes, Typekit uses an auto-hinting algorithm too. That’s what caused this:

    Manually hinting each character at different sizes is long and tedious work and that’s why so many use an algorithm to do it for them. However, it causes problems with rendering. And this is why I advocate quality webfonts, so people don’t run into these issues.


    > Gahhh… re-shape all characters in all possible sizes?

    Depends. Webtype redesigned their text faces specifically from 9px up to 18px, I believe.

    If you’re asking if you have to hint that character for it to work, that depends on the EULA. In most cases you would be forbidden to do so. Type Designers welcome your feedback on issues like this, though. But since this was Font Squirrel’s fault due to their algorithm, it would be pointless.

    I’m happy to see this was solved and sorry I missed your previous post.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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