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    Basically, I want to have an optin form on one of my pages that submits the Name/Email in the background to my GetResponse autoresponder. I found this tutorial which is AWESOME, but I’m kind of a noob: … ng-jquery/

    The reason I am interested in doing it this way is because I don’t want to distract my visitors who sign on to my list.
    It would be GREAT if they could sign up and not get redirected anywhere. You know, that area will just fade in/out and say something like "Please Conform your email" and my visitors can go back to focusing on my page.

    I see this NetTuts method uses a PHP script that sends an email with the variables within via JQuery’s AJAX function. I’m having trouble understanding how to adapt scripts to send the stuff to GetResponse, instead of emailing it via PHP.

    Is there a way I can capture the name and email, store them as variables, and submit them to GetResponse in the background providing this cool functionality?

    Basically, my autoresponder code looks like this.


    Is there any way I can adapt the above NetTuts tutorial and make this work with my autoresponder. I’m not really sure as I’m pretty new to web development, and especially Javascript.

    I already notice the hidden input of "" – I probably wouldn’t need that huh?
    And all the nbsp’s next to name and email are there because I couldn’t find any other way to position that stuff. Lol, I’m totally wingin’ it.

    Thanks so much for the help in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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