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    I have an HTML email in which I have a “mailto” link. This mailto link contains a subject and some basic body text.

    The body text also contains a reference to a CRM system, and this text outputs a unique ID, when the user click this mailto link.

    Is it, somehow possible to style only this unique ID, so that it turns out white (invisible) for the client, when he presse the link and outlook opens a new mail.

    The HTML looks something like this:
    <a href="mailto:[email protected]&amp;subject=This is the subjectfield&amp;body=Some random body text and the CRM code is just right after this%0A%0Acampaign:0001%20#[Person/crmContactId]#"> </a>

    So, this string: campaign:0001%20#[Person/crmContactId]#

    outputs something like (in the email when “mailto” link is clicked): Campaign ID: 58475465118987991

    it’s the line above I would like to color white, without affecting the rest of the text in the pre-populated body text.

    So basically I guess my question is:
    How can I style the outputted pre-populated bodytext that shows up in outlook, when someone clicks a “mailto” link?

    Is this doable? And HOW?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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