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    Hi guys

    I’ve made a contact form for my site, and while the text boxes and submit button look awesome, I think it needs a drop down menu to specify specifically what the user wants. I tried googling it but it just came up with a bunch of drop down navigation tutorials which (bar one) look like they were made in 1999. While this sorts of navigations may have their uses, I can’t stand them! But yeah, for now I mean the actual OS default drop down boxes (they’re aqua on macs) but I would like them to look a bit cooler. Once I know how to target it and all that stuff, I can make my own styling for it.




    Thanks, but if you read it properly you would know that’s exactly what I didn’t mean. I mean a drop down menu, not a navigation. The type of drop down you find on forms.


    You don’t mean a drop down menu, you mean a selectbox. Theres not really a way to make them look really nice with just css, but with jquery you can hide the actual selectbox and replace it with a jquery one which then triggers the hidden selectbox. It’s a pretty cool trick, you can view it here Chris also did a video on styling forms in which he uses a plugin that makes those selects look a little nicer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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