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    Desktop and Mobile Applications. What Do I Need?
    I want to be able to develop desktop and mobile apps like those apps creates. What language should I start learning now? Java? VB.NET? Python? C++? C#?

    Pls tell me why you suggested the one you choose to point me to. Thank you.

    # March 31, 2013 at 4:10 am

    If you want to create mobile apps, then either learn objective c (apple products) or java (android devices). There are frameworks out there for handling both sides of the fence like phonegap in which you only need html, css, and javascript knowledge.

    Depending on what market you are trying to target iPhone users or Android users? Frameworks like the above are nice because in order to submit an app to the Apple Store, it needs to be written in Objective C and on a registered Mac computer (virtual machines do not work). Hence, if you use a framework like phonegap, you just need to make your app and you can pay a small fee for them to convert it into all languages.

    I recall seeing a few of your posts a couple weeks ago saying that you were trying to learn javascript by yourself, what is your language knowledge base?

    I currently develop android apps with phonegap (but i prefer using Java because i have way more control and i can extend & inherit whatever i want without worrying about cross API madness.

    When developing apps, it is alright to develop for one certain kind of device (iPhone vs Android) but you have to think, a lot of successful companies develop on BOTH, not just android or iPhone. I personally have never owned an iPhone and almost guarantee that i never will, HOWEVER iPhone users are very important because they hold a HUGE side of the mobile app market.

    FYI, i would suggest posting this in the “Other Discussions” part of the forum :) Hope that helped, Goodluck!

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    Ok. I currently know only html and css. Still learning javascript. What do you suggest?

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    I suggest trying out phonegap, it is a somewhat complex installation process (if you are unfamiliar). If you use windows 7 and are interested in installing it and running some test cases, just inbox me and i can write you something up, or maybe teamview for ya.

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    ok. check ur inbox.

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