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    I’m at college at the moment and can’t get a job so I’m in need of some money. So I thought I’d put these nerdy skills to some use and try to become a freelance web developer. There’s not much I can say in this thread except have a look at my website and tell me what I should add/change/remove just to look better and more hireable. I’m not looking for a carreer here, just something to get me a little bit of cash.

    Also, how can I advertise myself? I can’t just rely on Google.

    Thanks :D

    "virtual" wrote:
    Well you are already advertising yourself by posting on this forum, so find some more where you can do the same.

    However, that being said, you really need to work on your website so that it displays what you are capable of doing. It is very short and succinct for the time being, not a portfolio, and not at all an incentive to hire you.

    I’m working on the portfolio bit. All my previous work was just personal stuff and it’s kind of scattered around the place. I’m trying to get it all together and uploading it at some point.

    Also, I’m trying to beef up the home page as much as I can. I’m quite pleased with the services, I thought it was quite pretty for something so wordy. I want to have something similar on the home page. It’s just comming up with stuff to fill it with. I don’t want to just put a twitter stream or a blogroll there like every other site, :lol:


    I tried to click on your portfolio images and I kept getting Internal server error and forbidden errors. I thought you would like to know. Also the text is kind of hard to read up against the background you have. I would either darken the font color, change it, or make it larger.


    Thank you, that’s fixed now :D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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