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    I have a site that uses a fixed position ul with a repeating background image to create “vignette” effect to darken the edges of the window. I also have a fixed position menu at the top of the window that appears over the vignette properly (on top so the links work).

    I am trying to add a fixed position link on the right hand side of the window on top of the effect just like the top menu. Both elements are fixed. I can’t seem to get the div/anchor/span to appear above the vignette effect on the side of the viewport.

    Is anyone aware of why this might be happening?


    use z-index to declare which element is in front of the other. The highest z-index number will show on top, any element not given a specific z-index has a z-index value of 1. An element must have declared position for z-index to work, since your items are all fixed positioning it should work fine.


    Each element had a z-index applied when I posed this question. Interestingly It was only when I removed the z-index of the last item in the markup did the stacking order correct.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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