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    Hey all I need your assistance. I’m working on a website for a buddy of mine. It’s been a long time coming (pro bono) and just losing focus. I used to like the layout, but now it seems a bit blah. I would like to hear your critiques on things that I could do to improve them? I think what may be hindering the design is that it’s pretty basic. Granted this type of site is going to be an informative one, but would like your feedback.

    The C3 Source

    One thing on the corvette page, I am playing around with images as color swatches. I have used CSS3 to make them pop-out, however I don’t like how it has to basically load a part of it when it’s fully loaded (did that make sense?)

    Thank you for your time!



    There’s nothing much wrong with it. However a couple of things that ‘bug’ me with your design.

    Not a fan of the title font or the centre-alignment of them.

    The intro text ‘Welcome Enthusiast’ etc could do with popping out more. Maybe a non-standard font, bigger size would be beneficial?

    Markup looks pretty good and the overall design is pretty good too. I know the feeling where you just lose focus (and the will to live) the more the project drags on!


    Nothing wrong with “pretty basic” and simple – I think both are under-appreciated. Overall, the design works.

    Some initial reactions:

    Your main banner graphic looks bad. Maybe it’s not intended to look like a photo, but a more stylized image. If so, it doesn’t work because it’s ragged enough to look like a bad photo but not stylized enough to look like an intentionally altered image.

    Not crazy about parts of the color scheme. Dark blue isn’t the first color that comes to mind when I think about a Corvette. (Maybe keep the blue background but use a main Corvette image of a different color to make it stand out – I’m thinking a bright red might work, even a yellow.) And the beige bordered, white interior combination isn’t quite working for me. BTW, I like the noise/texture in the main blue background – a nice touch. On the other hand, the medium-dark gray in the header and footer seem pretty blah to me.

    Those beige-white areas I mentioned appear to have inconsistencies in the border widths: your main banner shows left-right-borders wider than top-bottom, while the two beneath it have a larger border at the bottom than on the other three sides. Again, this might be intentional, but to me look like mistakes.

    On the positive side, it’s nice to see that you’ve taken care to avoid or correct markup and CSS errors: only one error reported by W3C markup validation and it’s inconsequential, and your CSS is very clean too (most of the reported “errors” are acceptable vendor-prefix things that the validator still terms errors).

    Also, nice restrained use of rounded corners; I often see them much more rounded, which to me looks amateurish. On the subject of border-radius, consider using ems rather than pixels. I think this gives better results as the font-size changes.


    Loved the gallery.

    Main issue is that the font on the “About Us” page has a different font (which is also serif) to the others on the site.

    Otherwise, looks quite nice. :3

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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