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    Hi Guys n’ Gals,
    I had posted this in the ‘Other Discussions’ group, but it’s more likely a Javascript problem so I’ll stick it here and see how we go.

    I’ve only seen the following strangeness on IE8 on Win7 – it does not replicate on IE Tester.

    If you visit my site ( using IE8 and click on a link, the page freezes. If you then try to scroll the page, the screen lags horribly and everything gets blurred together. However, if at that point you refresh the page, then the page you were trying to click into loads, no problem. Until you click a link again… WTF? This is an entirely new occurrence, and I don’t recall doing anything to upset the IE gods lately.

    There was also a ‘Done, but with errors on page’ message to be seen on the bottom status bar – the debugger had an issue with my search form – I think there may by a " too many:


I’ve removed the above from the page, and therefore done away with the error msg, but the freezing/lagging problem remains. If anyone has experience with either of the above problems (particularly the former!) I’d HUGELY appreciate some assistance.

(Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera – all latest versions – no probs)



Alright now – I went through my header VERY carefully and had been calling up a defunct and conflicting version of JQuery. Now using the method described here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)