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    I can’t seam to figure out what code is pushing my background image div up and down on my page. I have a top image a stretchable middle image and a bottom image for my content area. I am using joomla and by default the content is output in tables, the background images stayed together find when the content was in tables. I needed more control over the content layout so I used the joomla beez theme html to output xhtml for the content, but now the top and bottom images get pushed away from the stretchable middle image. I can’t seam to figure out why, I have all the content a number of layers deep in divs so I would not think it would be doing this… I may even have more divs then I need I don’t know. The problem goes away if I add a span with a nbsp in side it on top or bottom… but obviously this is not the correct fix… could some one explain to me why this is happening and the correct fix for it?

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    I think it is because I have margin bottom on h1-h6 and on p tags but I need that for regular layout.

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    The solution was to add padding of 1px to my parent container.

    Hope this helps.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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