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    I hope, you could help me, because I don’t even see the forest anymore with that many trees and the site is an urgent client work.
    The site, I’m talking about is
    On of the sub-sites (, you’ll notice the big gap above the line with " Schwarz/Weiss Negativ Bild 24 x 36 mm". the gap is generated on one side with a padding of 10px but on the other side by the end of the #navigation (the stuff with the gradient). And I just don’t know why (this is the first problem).
    The second problem appears on e.g. (don’t try the forms :)), where the #content (the white stuff) doesn’t fill the space down to the footer (but it should). This problem is also caused by the #navigation (probably).
    Basically the structure is

    #container -> gradient [
    #navigation -> floats left, 180px wide
    #content -> margin-left of 180px, no float
    #footer -> clears both

    And the files are (more or less) valid.
    EDIT: the problem is in every modern browser
    If you have questions, just ask them!
    Thank you very much for your (hopefully fast) help!!! :D



    thanks for your help, but it didn’t work (see this screenshot). The gap is still there (see "1" [with the gap] vs. "2" [without the gap; correct])


    solved problem #2 in the meantime with Faux Columns :D, but #1 is still existing :(


    wow! – it works! :D Thank you very much!


    PS: could a moderator or an admin rename the topic to "[Solved] …"?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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