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    Anybody figure out the issue with the page jumping to the anchor? I’ve determined that much of what is occurring. Because an anchor is used to spin the “div” if the page has a scrollbar the page will move the anchor to the top. That’s what anchors “were originally” intended to do. So, how do we get around that? How do I limit the anchor to only work relative to the “div”? Here is my example:


    hey guys, i am hoping that somebody has found a solution for this. Just reading up on whats going on above i dont think anybody has posted an actual solution but i am also having the z-index issue where my links are not working.
    I have setup links to email addresses and a facebook icon so that when a person clicks on the email it sends them to another page, but only the last one works as you all know.
    Please HELP.


    i fix the issue, to avoid the movement of the whole page y just change the href property for a dash “#” and add the rel property to indicate the tab id, that was on the html now at the javascript y change two lines:

    hrefSelector = ""


    hrefSelector = "rel"


    hrefSelector = $el.attr("href");


    hrefSelector = $el.attr("rel");

    (Sorry about my english i’m just learning i hope you understand)

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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