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    Hi! I am brand new to this forum and I am not sure if my question can be addressed here. But I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a try!

    I use recently started using Media Lab SiteGrinder 3 to help me design website. I really like the PhotoShop plug-in because I am a graphic designer by trade rather than a web coder. However, I would like to be able to turn my SiteGrinder website layout into a WordPress theme. This is where I am confused.

    I need to be able to turn my current website layout into a WordPress theme. And I have not been successful in finding information on how to do this. I understand that SiteGrinder already has CMS and Blog features integrated into it… but the client wants to work with WordPress.

    Here is a link to my website:

    It is a pretty basic, simple website. I need the header and footer along with widget and sidebar capabilities for my WordPress portion of the site.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Becky Wolfe
    Graphic Designer


    Hi Becky, welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately this is where you’ll need to know some code. There’s no magical “convert to WordPress” button out there. Do you have any coding knowledge?


    the best way I know of converting an html theme into wordpress is to use starkers naked wordpress theme You will need to download the theme, install it and then begin to code your html theme into the starkers theme. It won’t be easy. There are also services that you can buy that will do this for you


    I do know some coding. And I am a pretty quick learner if given the starting point.


    Just read/watch tutorials, thats how i done it there is a lot out there.


    Media Lab just introduced a SG3xpress which is a Photoshop to WordPress conversion using SiteGrinder. It is available as an add-on to SiteGrinder 3 (as well as a standalone for someone who doesn’t want the rest of SiteGrinder).

    So that might be what you need.


    Over at my site, I have created a SiteGrinder to WordPress video course. Check it out…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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