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    I have recently finished re-designing my company’s website, and would like to get some feedback on the quality and overall feel of the site and the blog. You can see it here:
    I am using some new things I have learned, like @font-face etc, so please give as much feedback as you can, especially if you see anything that does not fit the page, or looks out of place. All comments and suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance.


    The icons that slide in on each page load get real old, real fast. Almost to the point where they’re annoying. Also, when you click on one of them, and that menu option is active, you can no longer see the titles of the other icons and unless I remember what all of them are, I don’t know what they link to. I either have to guess or click on one of the top links so the names can come back. Also, the site feels a bit heavy, so much movement, it’s distracting. The background images are really big and won’t load fast on less then perfect connections.


    First let me say I like what you were attempting with the design. I like the backgrounds and transparency, as well as the sliding boxes that describe some of the various services, although they feel a bit over the top and useless in a functionality sense. They are pretty, but a simple slideshow that faded would have done the job. Otherwise, the user clicks them expecting something to happen but instead just receives a picture with words…a bit frustrating.

    I have to agree with the above post regarding the icon slide. So slow and sluggish, it takes away from the sleek feel you’re attempting to portray. Also, its frustrating as well that the navigation goes away when you are in a section. Once again, I see the sleek and modern design you were attempting, but you sacrificed usability, which is a big no-no in my book. Special effects should be supplemental, not foundational. :geek:

    Anyway, overall its a nice direction but I feel the user will be ultimately confused and frustrated, which in effect defeats the purpose of designing a sleek and modern design. By the time the user figures out what is going on, they have been frustrated, so they don’t care about the effects anymore . In addition, since your site really doesn’t "tell" the user where to go and how to get there, you are losing potential conversions and possible revenue because you are not guiding them to the place you want them to be. The site’s purpose and navigation are simply not clear enough and thats possibly the #1 problem plaguing most designs.

    Hope this was helpful and not too brash….as I said, I think you got a good concept, but it just needs to keep the user experience in the forefront, not the bells and whistles.


    Guys, thanks so much for all the feedback. I was away for a while, but getting right into fixing all the stuff you mentioned. Thanks again for being so thorough.


    I agree that it might be better to limit the use of the accordion slider to the home page.

    Other than that, I find that the text is somewhat difficult to read with the small white font/photo background.

    Overall, it has a pretty cool look though…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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